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AMI Version

Create PuppyGraph Instance with AMI

Setup on AWS EC2

Select AWS region us-east-1 (N.Virginia)
Visit “EC2 Dashboard” and click “Launch instance”
Type in Information
  • Name and tags: <your-name>
  • Application and OS Images (Amazon Machine Image): puppygraph
  • Instance type: t2.xlarge
  • Key pair: <choose-you-key-pair-or-generete-new-one>
  • Others: use default
Click “Launch instance”
Visit “Security Group” and click the newly created group
Scroll down and click “Edit inbound rules”
Add 8080, 8081, 8182 TCP port for Anywhere-IPv4, and click “Save rules”
Visit “instances” and wait for status becoming to “2/2 check passed”
Click your instance for more information
The public IP we’re going to use is
You can then access PuppyGraph in your browser with the URL http://<hostname>:8081/.
Once the PuppyGraph is deployed, please follow Getting Started for running queries.