PuppyGraph Web UI

Introduction to PuppyGraph's web-based User Interface


The Login page asks for the username and password.

The default username is puppygraph, while the default password varies:

  • puppygraph123 for docker

  • EC2 Instance ID for instances launched from PuppyGraph Enterprise AMI in AWS Marketplace


The Schema page is the default page after login. It provides different methods of modeling a graph.

  • Create Graph Schema: Create a schema using the interactive tool

  • Upload Graph Schema JSON: Upload a schema file in JSON format

  • Use example schema/data: Load the example graph

After a schema is uploaded, the Schema page shows the visualized graph schema as well as the JSON schema (folded by default).


The Query page features a suite of tools that enables graph querying on the web UI.

See Querying for more details.


The Visualize page contains an interactive explorer to view the graph.

See Graph Explorer for more details.


The Dashboard page contains a customizable dashboard to enhance your data visualization and sharing capabilities.

See Dashboard for more details.

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