PuppyGraph is the first and only graph analytics engine in the market, empowering companies to transform existing relational data stores into a unified graph model in under 10 minutes, bypassing traditional graph databases’ cost, latency, and maintenance hurdles. Capable of scaling with petabytes of data and executing complex 10-hop queries in seconds, PuppyGraph supports use cases from enhancing LLMs with knowledge graphs to fraud detection, cybersecurity and more.


PuppyGraph enables you to query your data as a graph by directly connecting to your data warehouses and lakes. This eliminates the need to build and maintain time-consuming ETL pipelines needed with a traditional graph database setup. No more waiting for data and failed ETL processes.

Petabyte-Level Scalability

PuppyGraph eradicates graph scalability issues by separating computation and storage.Our auto-sharded, distributed computation effortlessly manages vast datasets. Querying directly from your warehouses, lakes, or multiple data sources, PuppyGraph empowers you to graph-query all your data, instead of only the data loaded into a graph database.

Complex Queries In Seconds

PuppyGraph delivers lightning-fast results, handling complex multi-hop queries like 10-hop neighbors in seconds. Our patent-pending technology efficiently leverages all computing resources, ensuring exceptional performance. Want to take it to the next level? More machines, more performance.

Deploy To Query In 10 Mins

PuppyGraph's revolutionary query engine eliminates onboarding hassles that comes with a graph database, letting you deployand start querying within just 10 minutes. Replacing an existing database? Effortlessly drop in PuppyGraph as the replacement, seamlessly connecting to third-party tools without the need for data or code migration.

One Day Learning Curve

A graph database requires every command executed in graph queries (think writing GROUP_BY). PuppyGraph doesn’t store your data, allowing you to prepare, aggregate, and manage it seamlessly using your current SQL systems. No need to dive into complex graph query languages—reserve them solely for graph traversals.

Simplified Data Management

Eliminate manual work caused by graph database setup and permissions hassles. PuppyGraph simplifies data management by reusing your existing data store permissions, saving your engineering resources for more impactful tasks.

Total Data Control

With PuppyGraph, your data stays exclusively within your controlled environment, ensuring unmatched security and control. Rest easy, knowing that your data remains yours alone—guaranteed. Your data, your control, maximum security.


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