PuppyGraph is a cloud-native graph data lakehouse - graph analytics engine for all your data.


Query the tables as graphs on your existing data such as Apache Iceberg, Apache Hudi, Delta Lake, Apache Hive, Apache Parquet, and even anything supporting JDBC (MySQL, PostgreSQL).

Auto Scaling

Scalability is no longer an issue for graphs with us. The data are auto-sharded and the compute and storage are separated and both are distributed.

High Performance

Low latency for complex queries such as 10-hop neighbors.

Easy Migration

Compatible with Apache Gremlin/OpenCypher as the query language, and Apache Iceberg/Apache Hudi/Delta Lake to query on your existing data lake.

Simplified Data Management

There is no need to create another persisted data copy, so retention obligations are simplified. Simplify your data management process further by reusing existing data lake permissions.

In Your Control

PuppyGraph operates within your data center and seamlessly integrates with your cloud-native infrastructure, ensuring you always maintain complete control over your data.
Last modified 5mo ago