Graph Schema Builder

Introduction to PuppyGraph's interactive schema builder

PuppyGraph provides a graph schema builder in its web UI. Click Create Graph Schema button to launch the builder.

Before building the schema for a graph, you will need to configure data sources powering the graph. Here is an example form with the same setup asQuerying PostgreSQL Data as a Graph.

Please check Query Data Lakes and Query Databasesfor more details.

Once the data source is connected, . The rest of the introduction pertains to the schema-building process across various data sources and is not limited to PostgreSQL.

Adding a Vertex

Click Add a vertex to add the first vertex type to the graph schema.

Upon click, it presents a list of tables available for mapping to the new vertex. Choose the desired table, and the builder will then display a configuration pop-up window.

Enter a label for the vertex and then select the ID column from the table. The remaining columns in the table will serve as attributes for the vertex type.

Adding an Edge

Adding an edge type follows a similar procedure to that of adding a vertex. However, this step requires the referenced vertex types to be added to the schema first. Then, you can select "from" and "to" vertex types for the edge. Additionally, you need to select the columns that correspond to the IDs of the "from" and "to" vertex labels.

Viewing Schema in Progress

The schema builder will display the added vertex and edge types and visualize them.

Deleting a Vertex or Edge

To remove a vertex or edge from the schema under development, click the X icon adjacent to the label.

Submitting the Schema

Click the Submit button once everything looks good.

The schema, once successfully loaded, will appear on the schema page, accompanied by its JSON format representation.

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